Sarasota Air Conditioning

Our mission at Gary Air is to provide premier HVAC services to residential communities in the Sarasota/Manatee regions. We are committed to growing our business through superior customer service deep rooted in ethics and values. An integral part of our continuing success is derived from our friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable staff due to our firm belief that our employees come first. We are dedicated to the preservation of the environment by offering the latest in high-end energy efficient equipment and by properly recycling used equipment and refrigerants.


Sarasota Air Conditioning is the cooling of indoor air for temperature controlled comfort. The term Sarasota Air Conditioning can refer to any form of ventilation, cooling, heating, or humidity control that modifies the condition of air. Sarasota Air Conditioning can also be referred to as AC or air con.

Sarasota air conditioning is a machine, system, or appliance which is created to stabilize the air temperature and humidity within a given area. It can be used for cooling and also heating. In Sarasota Air Conditioning is typically used as a refrigeration cycle because of the year round warm weather. Sometimes however, Sarasota Air Conditioning uses evaporation for humidity control and is also used as a form of comfort cooling in buildings and vehicles.